Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Creative Haven- Prayer Camp

On the last Friday before school started- 
For some prayer time and some creative time.
Reading Joshua 1:9.
Talking about the words- Frightened Dismayed
Strengthened and Encouraged

What does that have to do with back to school?
How does this verse give us promise and hope.

Downloaded and printed the 
visual prayer sheet from Sybil MacBeth.
Added in who and what we were praying for....
Can spend time in prayer- 
Right here and right Now.
Also could come back and finish
 the sheet over the next week-
or month.

Talked about how praying this verse into our hearts- 
can give us courage
 and pour courage right into our friends.

Lots of chatter.
Lots of comments.

Then we made a collage canvas
 using 50 year old Ideal magazine pages.
We picked a page we liked 
and then tore it into 8 pieces.
The canvas had been prepped 
with a thin coat of gold Acrylic paint.
Then we applied it to the 
canvas using Mod Podge.

There were 3 sizes 
and font styles of the Joshua 1:9 verse.
SO pick that out and add that layer.

Then added some fibers
 or yarns in a bow-dangle.
And a tissue paper flower.
to hang in our bedroom, locker or
we need the reminder-
The Lord goes WITH US.

A gaggle of girls- grades one to seven.
Sisterhood of faith.
And the blessings abound-
of time together.

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