Saturday, September 19, 2015

Oh! Give Him Thanks!

Youngest daughter Sara 
and son-in-law Joshua shared this news today.
For He is Good!
Report is baby is healthy
with long legs.

Today in Ann Arbor Michigan,
 I had the privilege to be a
 break out session presenter
 with the other two daughters.
 Jessica Meier (on right) and 
Laura Schumacher.
( ah, yea that 's her on the left)
We spoke about how God
 is chasing things up in our lives
 with Visual prayer and Bible Journaling.
And His mercy endures forever!
 We shared about how God
 has brought an  aliveness and richness
 of color to our spiritual lives
 in ways that we could not have imagined.
And choses those least likely to bring forward,
so that the glory is rightly given to HIM.
And we are humbled.
And we pray that His mercy 
will raise up groups of women-
 that were connected today
 to call women to prayer and Bible Study 
with visual tools.
For the sake of the neighborhoods,
 our own families,
and His work in the World.
 Oh! we give thanks-
 that He does not leave us alone
here for the sake of the Kingdom.

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