Friday, October 2, 2015

Bible Margin Weaving

Bible Marginalia Series- #138

This week at a Creative Haven gathering 
we had guest artist Erika Quinn Radke in house.
She patiently showed us 
the step by step process of 
using small strips of water-colored paper
 and washi tape into the margins of our Bible.

She suggested this process 
could illustrate 
 Psalm 139:13- the
knitting together in the womb.
It could also highlight the making
 of the priestly garments and the fine
woven garments in Exodus 39: 1-3.

We used an Exacto knife on a self- healing mat
 to cut right along the lines in the Journaling Bible.
 We could choose every line or do every other line.
(mat in photo is not the cutting mat)

Erika had a beautiful set of Gelatoes.

We added the color to some watercolor paper.

Blending the colors with water.

On this section of Scripture-
 in Exodus I added simple color 
with iridescent watercolors-
in the same color palette 
as the watercolor paper.

Then we cut strips of paper 
about the same width 
as the lines in the margin.

Took a strip of washi tape 
and folded it back on itself
 to make it the same front and back.
Then cut the strip in half.
(Trimmed it to be near
 the width of the paper strips.)

Carefully weaving the 
strips of paper and the washi tape.
We varied in the strips that fit in the margin-
5, 6 and even 7.

The edges were finished with washi tape
 on the right side edge, 
and top and bottom
 with coordinating color washi tape.
This edge was done 
with lines cut on every other line.

Many tiny strips on this one.
Thanks Erika for helping us to have a
hands-on experience of weaving that connects to 
an Old Testament story and one in Psalms.

Exacto knife
Self- healing cutting mat
Watercolor paper
Variety of washi tape

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