Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Servant Leadership

Bible Marginalia Series #139

Mark 9: 35

Greatest and Least
and on the hot seat in Capernaum.
Grumbling. Walking along the way.
 Jousting for importance in position.
In fact, arguing.....
and then Jesus says- 
Hey, what's
 up with you guys?
and then the silent treatment.
No one wants to touch
 this subject in front of Jesus.
(I always wondered if they ever
 really figured out-- HE KNEW.)

Jesus waits till they are in 
the privacy in a house.
He does not do a dress down in public.
He does not thrash 
the disciples for their behavior.
He brings a child to his lap.

He simply says:
A Leader- the first-
will always put himself behind others.
A Leader- the first-
will see the importance who is 
"not important."
A Leader- the first-
will serve others first,
and not expect to "be served."

Once again He flips 
cultural expectations of 
where importance lies.
The Jesus of counter-culture.

a piece of scrapbooking paper 
cut to margin size from my friend Pat Maier
Alpha stickers
Calligraphy Sharpie- Black
Washi tape
White Signo-Uni pen

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