Sunday, October 25, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Who Stands in the Margins?

Bible Marginalia Series- #141

This week has been a call
 for preparation for my heart.

An invitation to come 
and teach a Visual prayer 
West North Ave-
The sign on all the doors on this street-
We Must STOP killing each other.
Reading in this section of Lamentations.
To see the poor and the
Those who live in the margins.
Do I have openings and space 
for the stranger in need?
Do I only give them the left overs and 
what I don't want or need?
A bit of the story of our time in Sandtown.
 A wonderful  warm welcome
A visual feast of color
 for a Praying in Color Workshop 
Dealing with the obstacles of :
Slowing Down
Paying attention
Dealing with Distractions
Men and women
Students- 8th- 11 Grades 
Praying over the City of Baltimore

Checking time for quiet prayer exercise

New tools to use for 
personal and family use.
In Sunday School.
In all kinds of settings.
What does it
look like
to pray over the city of Baltimore?
Maybe this is the start of a new vision.
What a blessing to be with this group.

Washi tape
Printable- Lisa Hickman
Faber-Castell Big Brush Pen
Fine-point Sharpie pen- non-bleeding

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