Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Spirit Life Team Retreat- Praying for the Southeastern District

  Twice a year the Spirit Life Team 
of the Southeastern District meets in retreat.
 At Richmond Hill Retreat Center 
in Richmond, VA.

This week there were beautiful Fall days 
with dappled sunshine hours.
In break times or as we gather- 
I always slip outside whenever possible.

 Our time together this week included
 rethinking prayer shaping
 and structure for the SED- iNeighborhood focus.
 What would it look like for training
 for Prayerwalking?
Prayer cards for those attending
 the cohort training events?
Engaging online in community for
support to the SED prayer partners.

Outside the center is also a Labyrinth.
 Sometime it would be great 
to actually have this experience.
A bit of the story and history here.

And Fall has come to the gardens. 
And the mix of greens is full texture.

Quiet spots are melted into
 the corners of the space.

There ARE koi 
swimming in this pond.

Color dots the borders here and there.

The incarnation statue of mother 
and child reminds us of the GIFT.

The chapel has beautiful 
stained glass windows.
 The order of the day has worship
 gatherings at 7 am, noon and 6 pm.

Time to just sit in the quiet.

Resting in Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
Unless the Lord watches over the city- 
the watchman keeps vigil in vain.

An air of creativity permeates the space-
because at all times-
 the artist is moving His hand
 in making all things new.

Because a Creator God 
only creates creative people.

So the team united heads back
 out to posts all over the SED-
 with Kingdom eyes and heart focus.
Praying for the work of the Lord
 in the hearts of His people.

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