Friday, October 9, 2015

When the flood waters rise

Touring the areas of flooding
 following a Nor'Easter in the south.
Hurricane Joaquin went out to sea.
 But the area had 18 inches
 of rain in about 12 hours.
Then it kept raining.
Such a loss.
 In those moments the blaring need
 is really apparent in our world that washes away.

The synodical helpers
 looking for ways to bring help.

L to R-Husband John- the Southeastern District President,
 Rev. Michael Meyer from the LCMS Disaster Response Team 
and Rev. Christopher Burger- 
Pastor at Holy Trinity in Columbia, South Carolina.
Reviewing the stories and connections.

Life dumped on the side of the road.

The water was rushing over this bridge 
when the owner of this property woke up. 
A neighbor was blaring a truck horn
 to wake up the neighbors. 
This fairly small body of water had 
become a raging river 
that completely covered the bridge.

Rev. Paul Sizemore (right) listens to the story 
at the home of members.
Paul is pastor at Mt. Olive-Irmo,
 South Carolina.
Floods do not leave much
 behind that is not ruined.

Time to just listen to the stories
 of what happened, 
how they managed to get out, 
and what they need NOW.
Thank you Lord, for organizations
that bring immediate help 
and the preparations to be ready for 

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