Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Celebration Gift- Advent 17

Celebration Gift-Advent 17

About this time
 in the weeks before Christmas.
 we might be just a bit
 overwhelmed by shopping, 
and sending,
and baking and decorating,
and busyness.
And yet- 
the whole center of our 
Advent preparations
is the deep lasting JOY
 of Emmanuel, God-with-us.
Lord, help us take note of where our 
celebration really is 
and make any adjustments necessary.
Lord, move me closer to you in:
prayer and repentance, 
contemplation with watchful attentiveness,
remembrance in liturgical solemnity, 
joyful song, 
and peaceful family times.

(adapted from The Lord is Near- Nouwen)

This handmade porcelain nativity 
was purchased at the Waterford Crafts Fair
25 years ago. 
Made by Meike Synder.
The next year I wanted to purchase
 another one for a gift 
from this same artisan
 and I was told she had 
"gone back to Germany."

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