Monday, January 18, 2016

The St. John's Bible- Ruth and Naomi

Left- Ruth and Naomi -----Ruth 1:16-18
Right- Ruth the Gleaner-----Ruth 2:2-23
 Suzanne Moore
 Scribe-Sue Hufton
Vellum, with ink paint and gold

"Bereft of her husband and two sons in a foreign country
 the Jewish Naomi, mother-in-law to Ruth, 
decides to return to Bethlehem 
during a time of famine. 
Ruth, a Moabite, remains loyal to Naomi 
despite their different ethnicities, 
and these verses and the illumination express 
the depth of love and fidelity Ruth has for Naomi.
This loyalty is rewarded in history 
when the Moabite Ruth becomes the grandmother
 of the Jewish King David.
Second Illumination- The Gleaning

"Since Jewish law stipulated that a land owner
 had to allow the poor and the alien to glean 
the harvested files, 
the marginalized had food and nutrition. 
Gleaning is hard work, but it is also a gift, 
and Boaz, a relative of Naomi, 
grants permission to glean off his land. 
Ruth's gleaning leads to love, 
and soon she and Boaz are married 
providing the "seed" for the future king.

Ruth's stature is evident as she looks up into the page. 
She carries an expansive basket of abundance 
and promise, and the lines
 of her dress cascade down creating 
a graceful design of Stars of David."

These graceful images beautifully
 reinforce the connection of
Ruth, Bethlehem, and David in the lineage of 

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