Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The St. John's Bible--Valley of the Dry Bones

Valley of the Dry Bones, 2005
 Ezekiel 37: 1-14
Donald Jackson
 Scribe: Susan Leiper
Vellum, with ink paint and gold

"In Donald Jackson's contemporary rendering
 of Ezekiel's vision, 
abandoned eye-glasses recall images
 from the Holocaust, white smashed windows
 appear as the aftermath of terrorism. 
The automobile graveyard suggests ecological disaster. 
Yet despite these horrors, God promises Ezekiel
 that when the Jews have their homecoming,
 even the dead will rise. "Thus says the Lord God: 
I am going to open your graves 
and I will bring you back
 to the land of Israel." Ezekiel 37:12
 Ezekiel's ultimate message of hope and survival
 is indicated by the garland of rainbow,
 traditional symbols of god's covenant, 
framing the text and reflected 
in the images of violence."

When we were in Israel
this last trip we had a day
 when we saw 5 rainbows.

Over the ancient city of Jericho---- God's promise.
He will raise these dry bones- He brings LIFE.

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