Friday, February 26, 2016

Bible Marginalia-Have the Faithful Vanished?

 Bible Marginalia Series-#142

Been awhile since I shared
  some Bible Marginalia.
Had actually worked on these pages
 over a period of time.
Been using these pages to pray 
for the upcoming Presidential election.

Dear Lord, make yourself present- don't hide.
Let our nation see you!
Don't forget us!
The Lord is righteous.
Lift up righteous leaders.
Have the faithful all vanished?
The words of the Lord are pure.
Please bless and make pure the words
 of those desiring to rule.
Make their desire to rule- pure.
Guard us, Heavenly Father, 
and our nation.
Cause us to desire 
to bring YOU GLORY!
 In the name of Jesus, we pray.

Supplies: Fine point Sharpie non-bleeding marker
Magazine cut outs- Crate and Barrel
Colored pencils

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