Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Lenten Journey 2016- Getting started

Reading this for Lent 2016 
Visual images and prayers

These reflections are on one word each day. 
This will be the prayer starters
 for each day of Lent.

Below are calendar choices for this year:
Any of them are a great place
 to start for daily reflection.
You can also use one to gather the people
 you are praying for during Lent.
They can be found on the Files section here:
DC Metro Bible Journaling Group

                                                                                                      Calendar by Pat Maier

I write in the ONE word
for the DAY 
and do some basic doodles to fill in the space.
(If you can really draw- an image is fine.)
I select 4-5 colored pencils
 that will be my choices
 for the whole journey. 
That makes it easy
 and I don't get distracted trying
 to figure out what colors to use.
This is what Lent 2015 looked like--- 
using this resource:
40-Things-Give UP-Lent

The following books are resources our church
 has for members to pick up to use for LENT.
Found Here:
creative communications

It is fine to use a daily lectionary reading 
or devotional reading for choosing 
your one word a day.
The challenge is to start...... keep moving,
catch up if you get behind,
 and cover it all in Grace.
Blessings to you LENT 2016.
Plan to share your journey.


  1. thanks for a great post and resources. I am going to repost in HKC.

    1. thanks Diane for sharing with the HKC community


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