Thursday, February 11, 2016

The St. John's Bible- Corinthians

 For I Received from the Lord 
and If I speak in the Tongues of Mortals, 2011

1 Corinthians 12:1- 14:9
Thomas Ingmire
Scribe: Susie Leiper
Vellum, ink, paint and gold

"The church at Corinth, comprised of diverse, 
multiethnic Greek Christians, had a lot of problems. 
Paul wrote more to this community than to any other, 
and he advised them on how to be a church 
and how to live and worship together.
The passage highlighted in the special text treatment 
on the left page is in the context 
of a large discussion about how to worship together. 
Paul instructs them by giving them liturgical language
 that reminds the participants of the Eucharistic meal. 
Some form of this text is used in virtually
 all Christian traditions during their
celebrations of the eucharist.
Another text treatment is found on the right-hand page. 
This treatment is in two parts that convey 
Paul's specific style of instruction.
 Pauls's words are bold and at times absolute. 
In the first part of the illumination, Paul questions
 the purpose of any gifts of the Spirit
 if they are not joined to love.
 The black text dances down the column 
and makes it feel strident and out of place. 
It is purposely separated from the well-known
Hymn of Love which follows in rainbow 
of saturared color flowing down the column. 
This eloquent litany enumerates the qualities of love and its importance among the values."

Church worship wars are not
 a new thing in our churches.
May we let go of personal likes and dislikes 
and make certain that whatever we do in
 worship together-in all styles-
 is tied together in LOVE.

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