Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The St. John's Bible-Ecclesiastes

 Ecclesiastes Frontispiece, 2001
 Ecclesiastes 1:1- 211
 Donald Jackson
Scribe: Donald Jackson
 Vellum, with ink, paint silver and gold

"As a Wisdom Book, Ecclesiastes focuses
 attention on life, death and God's relationship
 with humanity. 
A raven, a common symbol of death, 
serves as a messenger flying up from
 the center of this compositions appearing
 to carry the breath of life back to God. 
It is pierced and surrounded by
 gold and silver bars, 
designations of divinity.

The four elements of the Earth's reaction
 are represented: the green hues of fertile ground,
 the mysterious blues reflected in
 both sky and water 
and the fire found in stars and comets. 
Despite the chaos of circling images
 spinning off the page, 
there is a constant communication between
 the heavens and the earth
 through the presence of the raven."

It is all just dust in the wind.
But, even He knows the dust and the wind.
All is vanity.
It may not mean anything
 in our glimpse of a small sphere world,
but He controls the BIGGER PICTURE.

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