Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Prisoner...and Yet- Corrie ten Boom

Lenten reading right now-
A gift from a friend- dear Nita.
Corrie is such an inspiration to me.
Spent much time in camps by Nazi Germany.
For helping and hiding Jews.
Many people are familiar with her book-
Corrie ten Boom was a Dutch watchmaker 
who became a heroine of the Resistance,
 a survivor of Hitler's concentration camps,
 and one of the most remarkable evangelists
 of the twentieth century. 
In World War II she and her family 
risked their lives to help Jews
 and underground workers escape from the Nazis,
 and for their work they were tested 
in the infamous Nazi death camps. 
Only Corrie among her family survived
 to tell the story of how faith 
ultimately triumphs over evil.

The idea of a book on ten Boom's life began
 as John and Elizabeth Sherrill 
were doing research for the book 
about ten Boom's fellow Dutchman,
 Corrie ten Boom was already
 in her mid-seventies
 when the Sherrills first heard about her.
 She was one of Brother Andrew's
 favorite traveling companions 
and many of his recollections were about her.
The Hiding Place was published in 1971.

A Prisoner... and Yet was published in 1947, 
by Evangelical Publishers- Toronto, Canada.
 The inside cover of my book has an inscription-
Jesus is Victor
and her signature.
This publication is the first book
 telling the story as related 
by Corrie ten Boom.

A favorite quote that was important
 to Corrie in her journey-
"Our hearts rejoice that God alone 
Is seated still upon His throne."

not matter what we are going through-
these words of TRUTH resound with HOPE.


  1. By chance, I came across a 1947 copy of this book with her signature in it today. Since reading her book, "The Hiding Place", the plaque in her dining room reading "Jesus is Victor," has ever been a favorite of mine. I was totally unaware this book was the first telling of her inprisonment. What a joy, to open this little green book, and see her signature, and reading my favorite phrase, since I was a child!
    Kiley Rivera

    1. those simple words- Jesus is Victor! certainly does reframe each and every day of our lives- no matter what!-
      thanks for sharing your blessing of a find!


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