Sunday, March 13, 2016

Baby Meier Shower

Time to gather in
 Ann Arbor, Michigan 
to celebrate the upcoming 
 arrival of BABY Meier.
 Festivities and treats just go together.
 So do fresh flowers.
And gather them on an antique or two.

Some hand made-dipped Pretzels- 
a Denninger family tradition.

A friend made a layered- 
diaper and baby item "cake."

 Doing Decor- inside and out
                                                         Aunties and Cousins
Friends and Siblings
and dear Kate.

special time - both sets of parents on hand

 Cousin Time- Hey- Where's Griffy?

The Wee Littles
 Levi and Magdalena
Those silly sisters
Those goofy cousins
Jessica Jessica
 Little momma
Your nephews say 
you are gonna do 
Just Fine.


  1. What an amazing weekend with you all! Thank you for making it beautiful--I loved my time with each of you! Baby Meier will be very blessed to have you all in his life! Love you!

  2. Love seeing all these pictures of your growing family!

    1. ah- Michele- and missing you here to see all the blessings in person!


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