Sunday, March 6, 2016

Bible Marginalia- The Joy of the Lord

Bible Marginalia Series- #146

Nehemiah encouraging the people in the 
rebuilding of the walls 
around the city of Jerusalem.
A God- sized feat.
In 52 days.
The people rebuilt the section
 of the wall right in front 
of their homes and businesses.
In their own neighborhoods.
 They were tasked to be in
 charge of just that section.
The wall is finished.
Nehemiah counts the gifts among the people.
Who is here?
Then Ezra is called to read the law.
"And the ears of all the people 
were attentive to the Book of the Law."
The day is Holy.
For all the people wept
 as they heard the words of the Law.
"And do not be grieved, 
for the JOY of the Lord is your strength."

The people realized how disobedient
 they had been and they wept and mourned.
But they were told- rejoice!

Fine-point Sharpie marker
Colored Pencils
Washi tape

This page was inspired by a pin on Pinterest
 and I was unable to find the original source
 of the artist to give credit.
If you see this please let me know-
I would like to give due credit!

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