Saturday, March 19, 2016

Nazareth- Anything Good?

Thinking about our recent Holy Land trip and 
sharing some highlights from new site visits.
A small village in the day of Jesus.
The shop of Joseph a carpenter- 
where Jesus learned the family trade. 
Today a site that brings to life what 
it might have looked like when Jesus lived there.

"It is very important to understand 
the first century life. 
Jesus’ teaching had to make sense
 to His audience, 
which means He had to use stories 
they could relate with. 
The story about sowing the seed 
on different kinds of soil, 
and the story of the lost sheep, 
are two of many. 
Jesus used every day 
life events in His parables. 
He knew how much a farmer 
waited for the seeds to grow. 
He knew how valuable one sheep is. 
He knew what it is like to live 
in the first century home."
from the nazareth village website 

 Stripped away from modern images.
It is easier to SEE how it might have looked.
A place for food preparation.

Weaving on a loom.
A long process from yarn
 to wearing a garment.

Fully functioning olive oil press
Materials and function
 just like in the time of Jesus.

The Sheep herders.
Tending and care giving.
Nazareth Village is an open-air museum
 that reconstructs and reenacts village life
 in the Galilee in the time of Jesus.

The village features houses, 
terraced fields, wine and olive presses 
all built to resemble those that would
 have been in a Galilee village 
in the 1st century. 
Living history enactors dress
 in period costume and show visitors how farm,
 domestic, and craft work was performed
 two thousand years ago.(wikipedia)

Donkey- the cargo carrier of the village.

Son-in-law Daniel and daughter Jessica.
Photo op with the herder.

Nazareth! Can anything good 
come from there?” 
Nathanael asked.
 “Come and see,” said Philip.
John 1:46

As we begin the Holy Week Journey -
my answer is YES.
THE very good thing for US- 
has come from Nazareth.

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