Saturday, April 23, 2016

Bible Journaling- Field Reports

I have been on the move here and about 
teaching Visual Faith- 
which includes Visual Prayer and Bible Journaling. 
This post includes some reflections from those attending 
recent learning community gatherings. 
From an educators standpoint, 
these are things we are "getting right."

From conversations out and about-"in the field"-
we are hearing:

Visual Faith is about finding a process that 
"creates meaning for me," or helps me to tell my story of faith.

It is a spiritual discipline that takes PRACTICE.

It brings affirmation that there can be positive movement to deal with Spiritual ADD challenges.

Visual Faith practices help me to slow down, pay attention and deal with distractions.
It is a grace filled practice. We LOVE that there is no 
"right or wrong" way for approach.

It crosses over doctrinal issues that tend to divide Christian communities.

It brings me back to the central issue of prayer and reading God's Word.

I have read my Bible more in the last year than in my whole adult life put together.
It has blessed our young family with tools for family worship.

I have a tangible faith legacy to hand down to the next generation.

It has become something that draws together both couples and adult children.

Visual faith practices bring me JOY.

Bible journaling has opened faith conversations in the work place where there were NONE.

Bible journaling has allowed me to meet my neighbors.

My children want to join me when they see me spending time reading God's Word and responding.

Even my husband is spending much more time reading God's Word, and that is new for him.

I felt uncomfortable inviting someone to come to my church, but invited them to a Bible Journaling gathering and now she comes to journal with me.

I am amazed that my children have asked for Journaling Bibles for birthday gifts.
I never imagined that prayer and Bible Study could be fun.

The Holy Spirit is guiding this "movement".  Praise the Lord.

"Here's my perspective: Bible journaling brings me utter, sheer, unadulterated joy! It has given me permission, as an artist, to create for the joy of glorifying God and not to create a product for sale. " Peggy Buckley Thibodeau

"I've just started bible journaling, and I am not an artist. I think bible journaling helps me to come to Him as a child, so I can talk to Him about scripture, memories, and prayer needs as I try new things." Kathy Wasson Schaeffer

"I liken it to sitting at the feet of my father or grandfather ( as a young child) drawing or coloring while listening to their old stories. Doodling at the feet of Jesus." Linda K. Alli

Do you have some insights and reflections about what YOU have been seeing with spending time with visual prayer and/or Bible journaling?  Add your thoughts in the comments.

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