Friday, April 8, 2016

Bible Marginalia- Do not Abandon the Covenant

Bible Marginalia Series- #151

Thinking much this week 
about the covenant relationship 
with the Lord. 
The Old Testament stories 
of back and forth 
and in and out of relationship.
We still struggle with that
 in New Testament times.
 It is about relationship.
Near and far away.
Obedience or blind-eye.

Deuteronomy 29:25- 
here gives the guideline.
Do NOT abandon the covenant of the Lord.
For this brings the anger of the Lord
against the land,
and all the curses written in this book.
I just might want to take
 a minute to think on that.
He is a righteous God of anger- 
offering a grace-filled 
renewal turn-around.
Thank you Lord for your mercy.

An early experiment 
with acrylic paint on this page-
a little heavy handed so can't see
 all the words like I like to.
So it sat for a few months 
and I came back to it.
Some flower cut-outs.
Alphabet letters.
Tim Holtz Chitchat Words.
Fine-point Sharpie marker.

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