Friday, April 29, 2016

Concordia Seminary- St Louis

Call Day 2016
for the Pastoral Candidates
and the Vicar Placements  
Concordia Seminary- St. Louis

The Chapel of St. Timothy and St. Titus

Dedicated on November 15, 1992, the Chapel of St. Timothy and St. Titus serves as the house of worship for the Concordia Seminary community. Aside from the primary worship space the chapel building also contains a choir practice room, one classroom, the dean of chapel's office, the housefellow's quarters, and a chapel that is used primarily for small worship services and for worship practice.

Concordia Seminary was founded in 1839 in Perry County, Missouri, by a group of emigrants from Germany. In 1849 the preparatory division and the school of theology of the young institution were moved to St. Louis and relocated on a site at South Jefferson Avenue and Winnebago Street. The preparatory division was moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana, in 1861. In 1926 the campus was moved to its present 72-acre site in suburban Clayton. Since its inception, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, has provided more than 12,000 professional workers in the church.

Touches of beauty around campus
Sustainable gardening- for the meal tables

A special seat for Vicarage placement.
The honor for John to preach 
the homily for the vicarage placement.

Jacob Okwir -
 call to  St. James Lutheran Church
 Overlea, Maryland- Pastor.

Aaron Bueltmann to Advent Lutheran- 
Forest Hills, MD- Pastor.
with his parents- Tawn Bueltmann
 and Rev. Kevin Bueltmann.
Benjamin Micheel 
to Concordia Lutheran Church,
 Conover, NC as Associate Pastor
Justin Kumfer to 
Our Savior's Way Lutheran Church, Ashburn, VA
as Associate Pastor
Chris Jung to Baltimore Preparatory
as teacher

Paul Burdette-
Our Savior Lutheran Church-
 Clyde, NC as pastor
Mark Moretz- Vicar 
to Hope Lutheran Church- Wake Forest, NC
Kevin Barron- Vicar 
to Living Savior Lutheran Church-
 Fairfax Station, VA.

(hope to get a photo for Paul Burdette)

This year here is the list for the candidates and the vicars:
+ Aaron Bueltmann to Advent Lutheran Church, Forest Hill MD as Pastor
+ Paul Burdette to Our Savior Lutheran Church, Clyde NC as Pastor
+ Christopher Jung to Baltimore Lutheran High School Association as Teacher
+ Justin Kumfer to Our Savior's Way, Ashburn VA as Assistant Pastor
+ Benjamin Micheel to Concordia Lutheran Church, Conover NC as Associate Pastor
+Jacob Okwir to St. James Lutheran Church, Overlea MD as Pastor
+ Kevin Barron to Living Savior Lutheran Church, Fairfax Station VA as Vicar
+ Mark Moretz to Hope Lutheran Church, Wake Forest NC as Vicar

Thanking God for the blessings
 of all of His people called to serve.

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