Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Rosa Young- Hero of Faith

Rosa Young-
The woman who brought Lutheranism 
to the black, rural Alabama countryside.

A bit about the story on the LCMS- 
Lutheran Church Missouri Synod site-

I first wrote about Rosa in Feb 2014,
 telling a bit of her story here:

There were plans for a documentary
 to be developed telling Rosa's story.
That  movie is finished 
and a copy of the film
 has been sent to all LCMS congregations.
Talk to someone in leadership 
to find out about hosting a movie viewing 
and sharing the story of Rosa Young.
There are also some wonderful tools for 
Leadership development here:
 This site gives some details 
about the debut at Concordia Selma-

Rosa was a tenacious, energetic woman
who dearly loved her Lord.
 She worked  to bring better education
to the rural Alabama communities.
She built a legacy of faith
 that has impacted generations.

From Christine Scheele Weerts 
who wrote the Rosa Young Biography 
for the Heroes of Faith series:
"Living in Alabama gives me a 
greater appreciation for her ministry --
her vision and her absolute focus
on educating her people.
As I meet people who attended her schools, 
I am amazed how Lutherans 
worked with Rosa to offer 
this great education and Gospel. 
It was so lacking during the Jim Crow era,
especially considering the poverty
in rural Alabama. 
She gave her time, 
her heart and almost all 
her money to the cause."

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