Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Toddler Two

Griffin is Two.
Toddler Time is Real.
This little guy will lead 
the Grandson pack.
Coolness just follows him around.
Shades, Cap and all.

So a party evolved last Saturday.
And a dad stayed up late 
to make a "real train" engine.
And a mom had loaded freight cars
 all filled in the  "station" .
And it is all about the Train-
 The 'hoo- hoos".
Cards to open and gifts to unwrap.
And a friend who
 carefully watches the fun.
And handmade cards 
made for the occasion.
A friend to show you the ropes.
A Stars War helmut-
 fit for trike riding.
And the back pack that 
stays on most of the day.
You can't beat cake pops.
All Aboard!
The train is leaving.
Next stop?
 Birthday Blessings to you -
little man.

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