Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Bible Marginalia-In the Lamb's Book of Life

Bible Marginalia Series- #153

Word in to the Week-
One of the readings this week in worship 
was from Revelations 21.
Thinking about this section of Scripture.
The gift. The blessings.
MY name in the Lamb's book of LIFE.

In an open- studio setting
 we encouraged those attending
 to use the readings from the Sunday worship
 for their margin work in the week.
Worship into the week.
One margin a week.
Prayed over.
Started and coming back 
to during the days of the week.
Not is hurried fashion --
 but staying the course during the week.
Praying the verse into each day of the week.
Praying for transformation;
and that is not necessarily a FAST project-
and it is truly NEVER finished.

Ruby Violet Bird Stamp
Assorted Alpha stickers
Washi tape Target Acrylic paints
Illustrated Faith black pen
Colored pencils

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