Monday, May 2, 2016

Concordia Publishing House- on Tour

First time for me to visit- 
Concordia Publishing House- 
our very own publisher for the 
Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod.
Thanks for the wonderful welcome
 and the gift bags were great too!
Oh yea- Love the sliding doors- 
easy to have privacy and "work time"
 and a wonderful open door policy for collaboration.
 Loved the Innovation Center.
 Great Communication strategy.

Always challenging to be
 pushing the experiment.
 Move out into the impossible. 
Live with possibilitarians.
Dr. Martin Luther-
Cleave to the Word
 Martin Luther's Morning and Evening Prayer 
on a cubicle on the tour.
Looks like a Keep the faith project to me. 

 Pages from the new
 Tree of Life Coloring book- 
coming out soon.
Visual Faith Tools- 
to help all of us- 
slow down, pay attention 
and deal with distractions.
 Thanks to Luara Lane and Holli Rolfes 
for taking time to speak with Pat Maier
 and myself about our love 
for Visual Faith materials.
The Beautiful Chapel at 
Concordia Publishing House.
 Windows in the Chapel.

 The distribution center- orders are pulled 
and filled into bins along 
the route on a conveyor belt.

Some "ancient of days" publishing methods.

We tend to forget how much
 simpler our communication 
is today and getting the Word out.

May the Lord bless all of us as we serve
 in commissioned roles 
as deployed digital missionaries.

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