Monday, May 30, 2016

To Reach the Pastor

Seems like I visit this location
 for worship quite a bit these days.
 University Lutheran Chapel, 
Ann Arbor, Michigan- 
in the campus community
 of University of Michigan.
I noticed this on the wall of the front entryway
 when we first visited nearly three years ago.
I finally took a photo.
 Not quite sure of the vintage year
 for this type of communication.
 Called a HOUSE PHONE.
In checking with the history of ULC-
here is a bit about Pastor Scheips-
"In 1942, the Michigan District
 of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod 
resolved to begin a full time campus ministry
 in Ann Arbor. 
Alfred T. Scheips, who served the Chapel
 faithfully until his retirement as pastor,
 was called and installed in August of 1942,
 and thus began the second era
 of Lutheran campus ministry in Ann Arbor,
 a ministry dedicated to the 
University of Michigan campus."
Pastor Scheips retired in 1979.
Wondering if this 
system still works?
Me too.
Pastor Scheips has been gone for 
thirty seven years.
Perhaps it is some sort of memorial to him.
Or, maybe a testament to a time
 long ago when a pastor wasn't available by text,
 FB messenger, or email.
 Edwards Communications 
still exists in Norwalk, Connecticut.
It would be fascinating to know
 how long ago they quit 
manufacturing this "intercom" system.

Sometimes I know that pastors 
wished they had to still 
 be "in-house" to be reached.
They often live in an "on-call" world.

I give thanks that a quick prayer- 
call for help, or whisper of gratitude,
doesn't sit in an out of date 
communication line.
I have a listener God who always has the 
latest model and downloaded apps.
And for that there is a whole lot
 of praise and 

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