Monday, June 20, 2016

Bible Marginalia-Here I am! Send Me

Bible Marginalia Series- #166
Worship into the Week
Sermon notes from June 12, 2016
Ordination and Installation Service 
for Ben Micheel
One of the readings was
 from Isaiah 6:1-13
The seraphim called to another:
Holy, Holy, Holy
is the Lord of Hosts;
the whole earth is full of
His Glory!
And though the foundations shake-
my predicament is the same-
Woe is me!
For I am unclean.
But the news arrive-
my guilt is taken away, 
and my sins atoned for.
And then the Lord asks-
Who will go? Who can I send?

Decided to add a yellow
 background to the left margin.
I make some notes during the service.
Noting where I am for worship.
(We travel much and are often 
NOT at our home congregation.)
Sermon notes.
Maybe some beginning
 lettering in the margins.
During the week is more reading,
perhaps numerous times,
praying over this section of Scripture.
Lectio Divina style.
Or really in this form, it is-
Visio Divina.
The Holy Spirit forming ME.
Spiritual Formation.

Micron Pens
Colored Pencils
Washi tape

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