Friday, June 3, 2016

Bible Marginalia-Turn our Hearts

Bible Marginalia Series- #163
Malachi 4:6
Looking at the last verses
 of the Old Testament.
 Elijah is coming-
 time to listen.
 The Lord is coming again.
Pay attention.
 The arrogant will be consumed.
Those who fear the Lord will leap with JOY.
Pretty straightforward.
 Time for some heart listening
in our world.
Hearts to turn,
or the Lord will come and curse the land.
Not to live in fear.
But it often feels like we have already
 moved far from obedience to the Law of Moses.
Time to recenter.
Each and every day- called to repent.
And remember our baptism.
Called and redeemed.
Thank you Lord, for grace.

Inspire Bible
 Colored pencils
 Micron pen

I color with the pencils first then lightly cover
 the whole page with Gelato pigment- it is like lipstick.
 Rub in with my finger.
It gives a better depth to the page
 than the plain color of the Bible page.

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