Sunday, June 26, 2016

Rhythm Cycles

Nothing makes me want 
to take a break more than-
weeding in the garden.
I tire much quicker now.
Can't really tolerate high heat or humidity

 I often weed from dusk to dark.
Daylillies here- just love the color.
The start of the garden phlox.
Queen of the Prairie.
 Filipendula- such a soft pink.
 Dwarf balloon flowers and feverfew.
Acanthus- royal and a bit regal.
Had to take out a shrub 
(tired of fighting the scale)
and now a vintage garden chair waits.
I like mid morning garden strolls.
and sometimes just plunk right down here -
 to clear my mind a spell.
I give thanks-
 and wonder if this is
 already counted in my journal.
Time to stay and  breathe deep in my
 very own garden hideaway.

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