Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Vintage Storage- Essential Oils

This was purchased a couple of years ago-
thinking it might help sort things
 in the garage redo.
Storage of small things.
A place for everything.
It was still empty.
Cleaned it up,
set it out in the sun.
 No, I am NOT painting it.
 It is just the sort of chippy, 
worn and rusty-
that I love.
And paid for- just like it is.
 But the drawer bottoms 
could have a touch of update.
Scrapbook paper to the rescue.
The one divider comes out so it- 
so there weren't THAT many
 squares to measure and cut.
 So I have tried all sorts of ways
 to store the Essential Oils in the house. 
Need them close by- Easy to find.
 And not all over the place.
 Three little drawers.
 With Dividers.
And one full size drawer.
Measuring 6 inches wide.
6 inches high. 
And 9 inches deep.
 On the counter.
Hidden storage.
Perfect size.
And home for the Essential Oils.
Time for some lavender
 in the diffuser.

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