Friday, July 1, 2016

Bible Marginalia- Not of THIS World

Bible Marginalia Series- #168

Finishing up in the book of John.
Reading this over and over again.
Jesus with Pilate.
Pilate trying to grasp 
what is going on with this man.
He has an idea it is bigger than it seems.
Jesus tells him,
"My Kingdom is not of this world."
A glimpse of the unseen in the present.
How do you process this in real time?
And the conversation centers on truth.
"Everyone who is of the truth
 listens to my voice."
That is a very huge clue
 to Kingdom Life living.
Listening to His voice-
above the din of the rest of the world.
For that very thing-
the gift of listening to Him,
He went to the cross.
For ME.

Prismacolor pen
Micron pen
Washi tape
Colored pencils
Artist's Loft Pearlescent Watercolors- (Michael's)

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