Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Bible Marginalia-Praise Your Name

Bible Marginalia Series-#174

We were traveling last week
 by car for many miles.
That gives me a lot of time to
 spend coloring in my Bible.
I use a laptop desk and that gives me
 enough steadiness to color when traveling.
I had colored in this margin for Isaiah 25:1
 and was reading the section right
 before this in Chapter 24.
A rather disquieting section-
terror, snares and traps.
Earth utterly broken up, destroyed,
violently shaken and 
The whole world in turmoil.
Then I saw a twitter feed-
More shootings.
Such such sadness.
And the prayer in the margin 
has new meaning.
Oh, Lord,
we must not lose sight of all your goodness
 in the midst of such violence and horror.
We cling to the wonderful things that you do,
in the middle of the mess.
Even when we cannot see or feel it.
It is the underlining form
 that shapes this world.
For you have conquered ALL
 that can take our soul-
 you have claimed us.
I will give you honor and praise.
Even.... in all the darkness....

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