Saturday, August 27, 2016

Five Year Anniversary

Sometimes starting something new
 is like heading down a new path,
and not REALLY knowing
 just what lies ahead.
This week I was able to hang out
 and have dinner 
with my dear friend, Pat.
We were talking about blogging.
I doggedly always bug her about starting one.
She graciously doesn't lock me in a closet.
I won't stop pestering.
Because she has a gift to be shared-
one of hope and encouragement
for me and many others on the journey.
Of what it's like to live 
when it isn't just blue skies
 and fluffy white clouds overhead,
 and the storm gathers on the horizon.
And life doesn't line up in a perfect row
 and shimmer in the sunlight.
But you CAN be the one who 
grabs hold of daily signs of promise-
that this isn't the end game,
but only a bitty glimpse of the 
real THING.
And cling to TRUST so
enthralling that it lights up the 
edges of your world and all around you.
So, in this space I 
for 5 years this week of 
telling the stories of His Faithfulness.
For 785 blog posts that bear witness to 
what He has done. 
For the gifts of wonder and imagination
that fuel my days, 
with a side of quirky and unexpected JOY.
So, with unfailing determination-
 of constantly be Constance,
I will continue to seek to lift up
 the voices of my female friends. 
So, that they may SEE the road ahead,
to tell the STORY
and bring light to those 
traveling along the way.
Is it time for YOU
to start a blog? 

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