Sunday, August 28, 2016

Lead Me Gentle Savior

Lead Me Gentle Savior
In the paths of righteousness,
 Lead me gentle Savior
Away from all worldliness,
Let me cast my gaze,
Toward the eternal days.
Lead me gentle Savior,
In the way saints have trod,
Lead me gentle Savior,
Ever closer to my God,
Each day a little nearer still,
 My heavenly home, Thy precious will.
Lead me gentle Savior,
Through the storm that rages near,
Lead me gentle Savior,
With thy hand I need not fear,
Tho the waves would swallow me,
 Like Peter, I will cling to Thee.
Help me gentle Savior,
To bring other souls to Thee,
 Help them gentle Savior,
That thy glory they may see,
Then Thy holy grace may flow,
As nourishment to help them grow.
Teach me gentle Savior,
To thirst for nothing but Thy love,
Lead me gentle Savior,
To Thy mansions up above,
There to ever live with Thee,
My gentle Savior, then I'll see.
Griffin and Laura 
and a visit to the University of Michigan-
 Matthaei Botanical Gardens-
Ann Arbor, Michigan 

This poem written by 
Katherine Elizabeth Graft-
my mother-
as a prayer for her children,
and grandchildren.
Now shared with all of 
her great-grandchildren.
Jack with Sophie

And Mr Levi.

May the Lord continue to gently lead-
all the legacy gifts of
Erv and Kay.



  1. So beautiful mama! Thank you for sharing. How I miss Grandma and Grandpa. Thank you for sharing their legacy of loving Jesus!!

    1. and thank you for being a link in the legacy Ms Sara!

  2. This poem is precious! And the accompanying photos are beautiful also. Many thanks!


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