Monday, August 15, 2016

Quilt Wrapped Memories

Climbing into bed last night- 
I pulled up this comforter-
given to a daughter as she set up
 household ten years ago.
So I am Visiting-
 Watching grandson Jack.
 Helping out,
Preparing for the 
 back to school crunch.
All good things.
But, with a touch of the comforter,
 in a wave that washed over me,
I was transported back
 to summer 1980.
I had pieced 
  together fabric brick blocks-
 because my life had fallen apart.
My first husband, Larry,
 had died Dec 26, 1979.
He had battled Hodgkin's disease,
 and been given a clean bill of health.
  We were stunned when pneumococcal meningitis
 hit swiftly on Christmas Day
 and no medicine could help.
 In less than 24 hours he had died.
Widowed at 24.
Nothing was right,
and it seemed like nothing 
would be ever be right again.
My life was out of control.
The only thing I could manage that summer 
was stitching together pieces of left-over fabric.
Marking, tracing, cutting-out, sewing, 
and stitching together.

Fabric from a 4-H apron and skirt,
 a dress for a sister,
 dresses for grade school
 and high school years.
A prom dress. 
Pastel confetti colors 
tied together with yarn tufts.
 Hard to believe that one touch
 took me back 36 summers.
Working late into the night,
 because it was too scary to sleep.
And I remembered the tears
 that had annointed each
tied corner.

And with a deep breath- 
I marvel.
 A wildly blessed life
  redeemed all the sorrow,
and was the gift of future years.
And I give thanks for the 
in my life.

"Then young women will dance and be glad, 
young men and old as well.
 I will turn their mourning into gladness;
 I will give them comfort and joy
 instead of sorrow."
Jeremiah 31:13

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