Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Visual Faith- Illustrated Words of Jesus

A testimony to the influence
 and influx of Visual Faith
 coloring books is the response of publishers.
And where they are marketed.
On a recent road trip,
 this was found on the Choice books kiosk
 near the Women's bathroom of a truck stop.
 The Illustrated Words of Jesus Devotional.
The RED Letter words of Jesus for coloring.
 Praying Scripture-
And a space for personal prayer and reflection.
I continue to look for resources 
that are doable in a real-life world.
Snippets of time. Come back to it.
I plan to use this as a prayer
 and devotion time. It may not be every day.
 It may take me a couple of years
 to move through this little booklet.
 That is OK. 
There is welcome here whenever 
I pick it up and spend some quiet time.
It is wonderful when a practice says -
"Welcome back,"
rather than
 "Where have you been?" 
Part of the prayer tool box.
The words of Jesus.
A blessing to ponder. 

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