Thursday, September 29, 2016

Bible Marginalia- the Golden Margin

 Bible Marginalia Series- #183

Processing this week from the time
 this past Saturday with Lisa Hickman.
She talked about the Golden Margin.
A Publishing term referring to the
the ideal margin settings.
The ratio for page construction is said to be 
"golden" when the proportions
 follow these principles.
 Ancient Biblical illumination 
always used gold or gilding 
to refer to the presence of God.
Lisa led us through a look
 at a passage in Isaiah 58:6-12.
She encouraged us to use the margins
 of our Bibles to process His Word 
as we move out into the World.
Then come back and take another look-
World and Word meet again.
She gave us Go- God- Gold.
When action meets our relationship with God-
it is a golden opportunity.
Margins can be the space where we record
what happens when God shows up in our lives.
And says: HERE I AM.
There are tasks here:
Undo the straps of the yoke,
Loose the bonds of wickedness,
Share your bread with the hungry,
Bring the homeless in,
Share clothing.
 Then your light
shall RISE in the Darkness.
You reflect your creator.
God shows up.
So who in our lives is marginalized, 
outcast, or in need?
Pray about: 
who, when and where the Lord 
is asking you to be present.
And tell the story in the margins.
God's Word nudges ACTION.

Thanks Lisa Hickman
 for your inspiration and encouragement.

 Fine point Sharpie markers
colored pencils
 Pearlescent watercolors
Washi tape

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