Saturday, September 17, 2016

Bible Marginalia- Worship into the Week

Bible Marginalia Series- #178

The readings in worship this past Sunday
 included this section of Ezekiel 34.
 It had been the reference 
for a Pastor's installation last year
 and then this week I revisited the text.
God's text message to me.
When I look at the verbs- 
it is simply stunning to see 
the work order that 
the LORD vows to do.
He says- I will:
Search and Seek
Rescue and Bring
Feed and Bring back
Bind up and Strengthen
Destroy and Judge

So my worship into the week 
has been to contemplate and pray
 over these verses.
To let the Word of God meet me in all the places
 He desires His Word to become part of my life.
A simple practice to
extend worship time
into the days and the hours of the week.
And when I try to take back 
the ownership of "making things Happen"- 
let me be reminded that it is THE LORD 
who begins, continues and brings to completion.
What a GIFT of grace that is to me.

Colored pencils
Washi tape
Fine-point Sharpie marker

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