Friday, September 2, 2016

Home Economics Theology

Listening to many moms and wives challenged
 to get things ready for the 
back to school week coming quick.
The shopping, organizing,
infiltration of all sorts of agendas into 
the family home life space.
It all comes flooding back- 
25 years ago- 
we were in the middle of that mix.
Now it is our three daughters who
juggle marriages,
 little ones, and jobs as educators. 
And not much has changed.
Still got to feed people, 
do the laundry, shop, and clean.
And it has grown even more complex. 
I have a Home Economics Education degree.
The practical application of 
home arts and resource management, 
as well as best practices for family life.
It is a degree not found much
 at the University level anymore.
And fewer junior and high schools 
offer classes for their students.
Someone thinks that we now learn 
these skills by osmosis,
 or they are innately developed.
But, beyond the projects, 
and jobs and things to do every day at home,
we live in relationships.
Even singles and widows 
have their space and arrange life
 around relationships.
And in this very sacred space of home,
we develop our theology-
the study of the nature of God.
Perhaps we have applied systems- 
but it is a very practical theology
 within the home setting.
We make adjustments and pray,
and see if 
 it works a little better.
Before the end of September we are tired,
frustrated, and seeking more ways to make 
So what words of encouragement 
does a home economist have to offer?
Chill a bit.
Play with a baby.
Count your blessings.
Start a gratitude journal with your family.
Look for simple beauty.
 Practice saying NO.
Laugh- a lot.
Mark the parameters 
of your living space as sacred.
Spend time reading God's Word.
Pray. Pray. Pray.
It is the ultimate tool to cover our calendars, 
menus and to-do lists.
It is the greatest blessing we bring to 
the home space we live in.
Home economics- 
now known as family and consumer sciences.
It is the skills for everyday living.
And that just might include working out
 our practical theology
 of living life and learning about our God
 who loves us SO much-
He sent Jesus as grace and gift.
And whenever you need two monkeys
 on your back to get a two year old to eat.....
you just DO IT with a smile.
 That's home economics theology.

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