Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Oh Constancy

Sorting out vintage postcards for Fall.
 A bit too early to put out Thanksgiving ones.
Loved the leaves here and grabbed it to place on 
the window sill above the kitchen sink.
I love using small vintage flower 
holders to place postcards around.
And then I read it.
Oh more here than fall leaves.


Historically-  In the Middle Ages ivy 
was still associated with wine. 
A branch or bunch of ivy 
was often hung on a pole outside 
a tavern to indicate
 that the building sold wine or ale. 

The love language of flowers-
 wedded love, fidelity,
 friendship and affection.
Ivy is an English word that means 

The horticulture world often considers
 it a pest and a nuisance- 
you can never get rid of it.

The word constant means:
occurring continuously
 over a period of time.

 The name Constance means:
(Latin- Constantia) firm of purpose
(English from French-Constantia)
Standing together,
This card probably dates back to pre-1910.
 Sent for a penny.
to Wilbur Ries- in the City.
from Uncle Ferd and Aunt Becky.
 Not sure of the occasion- 
or the real message conveyed here.

the word Constant comes up here:
Constant suspense- Deut.28: 66
Constant grumbling-Num. 17:5
Constant distress-Job 33:19
Constant dripping- Prov.19:13
Constant terror-Isaiah 51:13
Constant friction-1 Tim. 6:5
yea- a bit on the negative side.

So I will focus on-
"But solid food is for the mature,
 who by constant use
have trained themselves
 to distinguish good from evil."
Hebrews 5:14 
And so my prayer:
Lord, let the constancy of my name
 bring you Glory for your constant faithfulness 
when I am not constant.
Let my life show the mature use
 of your Word- to bring honor to you.
Let me have a willing heart to be trained.
Let me seek solid food.
Let them say- that I cling to Thee.
In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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