Saturday, October 29, 2016

Bible Journaling - in the Missionary Age

 Bible Journaling Series- #188
This week I was able to attend a 
Professional Church Worker's conference
 and loved  listening to our presenter-
Rev. Robert Newton.
I ended up putting the notes 
right into my Bible-
so I wouldn't lose them.
The story of Daniel- 
what does it mean for us in our own
"Babylon" today?

Missionary Posture in Today's World-
1. Maintain our Core Identity
2. No other gods
3. From Ritual to Personal Faith
4. Discipleship
5. Knowing the Story
6. Living the Story

This becomes our "Acts" story today.
Often we are feeling unsettled 
and just out of sorts in our world.
 Nothing seems right.
Maybe we feel like we don't belong.
It is EXILE living.
The key is remembering God's faithfulness
 in the diaspora.
God uses exile for blessing.
Exile is always where God 
forms or reforms His people.
So--- How do you think Bible Journaling
 helps you to Know your story?
Can you see the ways that 
you can Share your story?
What does LIVING your STORY look like?
 I believe that the Lord is giving us 
these Bible Journaling resources-
to comfort and encourage His people
 in our Exiled living.
We live in the third largest 
Missionary field today- the United States.
Perhaps a look at the choices of Daniel 
make a great map for us today.

Stamp and ink
Colored pencils
Fine-point Sharpie marker
Scrapbook paper

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