Monday, October 31, 2016

Here I stand - in Pumpkin Center

A bit fitting that we visited Pumpkin Center
 near Lincolnton, North Carolina
 over the weekend.
It was actually St. Luke's Lutheran Church
 that we visited on Sunday.
This congregation was celebrating
 its 240th Anniversary.
 Two years ago they made a challenging
 Here I stand decision.
They were an ELCA- 
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America congregation.
They took a Sola Scriptura stand
 and became a LCMS-
 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

Lay Minister Glenn Roseman- Left
Husband John -right
Interim pastor- Rev. Craig Schultz 
was serving another neighboring congregation
 on Reformation Sunday.
 Pastor Schultz is working to help the congregation
 piece together their LONG history.
Some of the time line here.
They are looking for artifacts of photos
 and printed materials to add to the story. 
We love exploring the grounds a bit on a visit.
It was beautiful day for a stroll in the cemetery.

Years of military dedication
 in this gathering of saints.
and maybe a sense of humor.....
A Here I stand congregation- 
on Reformation Day,
 that is almost half as old as the Reformation.
And giving thanks for all the Saints
 that have gone before.

A bit more of their history here-
St. Luke's History

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