Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Lakeshore Zone LWML Retreat- Create in ME

 On a beautiful fall Saturday
 a group of 50 women
 gathered at the Maranatha Retreat Center
 in Muskegon, Michigan.
Maranatha Retreat Center Muskegon MI

I was blessed to connect to Beth Foreman 
last summer with an article 
she wrote about Bible Journaling
 for the LWML Quarterly.
Fun to accept the offer to lead a time with women
 looking at Create in ME and Visual Faith.
My friend, Pat Maier, came along 
so I could introduce her as the on-the-ground 
Visual Faith coach for the Michigan District.
We enjoyed presenting TOGETHER 
for the first time.
A special event also celebrating
 the leadership of outgoing President Barb Draper.
Visual Faith Show and Tell
Keep the Faith Projects
Visual Prayer
Bible Journaling
Prayer as the foundation and the umbrella
 for all of our Faith story.
Sound doctrine and Biblical teaching connecting 
 in the theology of our everyday life.
Morning devotions by Rev. Michael Goers- 
It's a NEW DAY.
Thinking about the sanctification work
 of the Holy Spirit in us -
each and every NEW day.
Time to Pray and try out the new 
LWML Creative Resources
 for praying and blessings others.
Find them here:
LWML Visual Prayer
How do we deal in our prayer lives 
with these 3 obstacles?
1. Paying Attention
2. Dealing with Distractions
3. Slowing Down
 It is a learned behavior that takes practice.
Visual prayer tools help us learn to be focused.
   Visible prayer tools collect
 a prayer STORY for our lives.
The story of God's faithfulness.
The STORY becomes our witness
 to our families and neighbors.
 The Holy Spirit can also use these offerings 
to tell a STORY of hope to those 
who don't know Jesus. 

Some resources were available for purchase.
Show and tell included:
Journaling Bible choices- 
including the new 
CPH Lutheran Study Bible Journal Edition.
AND the new resources from 
Concordia Publishing House
 for use with the small catechism.

Pat Maier teaching about Bible Journaling 
I was also able to catch up with fellow
Concordia Ann Arbor graduate 
Debbie Zeibart Kolberg 
who teaches at St. John's, Grand Haven, MI.
By Monday morning I had received
 a photo she shared done by a student
 in her 5th grade class. 
They were already using the visual prayer stencils 
and 4 x6 blank notecards 
to start their Bible verse memory project.
Thanks for sharing Debbie!
Met Barb Rudick at the retreat.
 She was the roommate at
 Concordia- River Forest 
of my sister-in-law- Doris Denninger.
Wonderful to meet Barb.

Thanking God for the friendship 
that meets in partnership 
to bring faith equipping tools
 to women and their families-
for the sake of our children, 
grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.
And for the generations to come-
 The Word of the Lord stands forever.

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  1. Wonderful summary of this beautiful weekend of learning and sharing! Thank you for guiding us in this adventure, Connie!


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