Wednesday, October 12, 2016

What is Visual Faith?

So just what is Visual Faith?
This is an attempt to gather 
some of the processes,
 and reminders of faith 
that tell part of the story 
for followers of Jesus.
We are made in the image
 of a creative God,
and visual faith tools honor 
His creative sanctification 
of believers on a daily basis.
It is the basic process of bringing together
 our great gifts of prayer and His Word- 
and adding visual, kinesthetic, 
and tactile adaptations that make meaning
 for us in our daily life.
It is the answer to the question-
What does this mean for me?
Visual Faith

Bringing together images of everyday life
with words- typography, 
that communicate a Biblical truth.
Visual faith photo booklet
with faith language affirmation.

Graphic displays and text 
cement words of hope
in beautiful transformative ways.
Manila Tag booklet 
for specific liturgical seasons.
(with age-appropriate language)

Theology- the study of God,
lived out in our own 
lives and experiences.
The language of faith- discipling words
that become part of faith-life living.
 Small tactile remembrances 
of God's dramatic intersection in our lives.

 Daughter Jessica's -Baptism story.
Faith milestone.
Faith foldable- "Faithable" to
Gather the story of faith milestones.

And Confirmation story.
A tool to witness to family, 
friends, neighbors,
and the world- 
of God's gracious faithfulness to us.

Prayers for my Children-
Scripture Flipbook 

Visual faith is the intentional process 
of using reminders of faith 
in our prayer life.
God's Word to pray over our children.
Prayer cubes for Meal time, 
Bedtime, Anytime.

Visual faith includes 
teaching methods to instill 
words of prayer
 in the lives of our families.
Visual theology 
allows the connections
 to be personal,
and a part of the story-telling
of God’s faithfulness.
 It is seeing and understanding
 the truth about God.
Scripture Printable (from Pinterest)
and added to a flat canvas.

Visual Faith is the intentional placement
of God's Word in front of us in our homes 
so that we may 
See and Remember.
These tools deal with the diagnosis 
we all have of spiritual amnesia
 and forgetting God's faithfulness to us.
Faith Foldable- Accordion Booklet

It is the gathering of the STORY 
of our faith journey-
along the way- 
and documents our spiritual formation.
Faith Family Rolodex-
an ongoing project that collects 
words of meaning and milestone events,
 and the rhythm of the liturgical seasons.

Visual faith is the response
 to conversations with families 
about what is helpful
 in the teaching of "faith culture".
Meeting families right where they are.
Baseball card holder with 
prayer cards for individuals.

Visual Faith is a way to lift up 
people to the Lord in prayer.
And remember who we are praying
 for in our daily walk.
Prayer card made for a friend

Visual faith is a way to bless others
 in our lives with the images that 
bring prayer to the center of our lives.
Visual faith can be in the margins
 of our Bibles
where God's Word 
meets the world of our lives.
Gratitude journals and cards

Visual Faith is an intentional plan
 to pay attention to our daily gifts,
to create hearts of gratitude.
Visual faith can be the journaling of prayers,
 Bible Study, and sermon notes. 

Visual faith is connecting 
our response to God's text message to us.
The centering of the growing relationship
 we are blessed to experience in prayer
 and time in His Word.
Visual faith is our ongoing spiritual formation,
worked out by the Holy Spirit
 in an Individual Education Plan. 
It is the journey of our Heavenly Father
turing the broken into the beautiful,
and our witness of this process
 that is covered in Grace.

What can YOU add to the conversation
of how the Lord is working out 
His plan for your life?
And how you Tell the Story....

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