Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Century of Thanksgiving

  A collection of vintage Thanksgiving cards-
always comes out this time of year.

They are displayed in a seed packet holder.
It is easy to rearrange them.

But it takes awhile because 
of reading the back side of each card.
 Most of the cards are a
 hundred years old or older. 
Lots of turkeys, pumpkins, flags,
 harvest bounty,
and fall leaves.
Postcard notes talk about family stuff
 and health news-
have about got the grip.

A card printed in Germany.

None of the cards in this collection from a century ago 
 include any faith- based greetings or Bible verses. 
I thought that would have been part
of the culture of gratitude a hundred  ago.
And so-
a reminder that we need to draw near,
and keep close to our hearts- 
all that we hold dear.
And in all things- 
Give thanks. 

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