Saturday, November 12, 2016

Bible Marginalia -Don't Turn Away

Bible Marginalia Series- #194
 Jeremiah 22

Josiah was a leader of Judah 
that brought back reform 
and listened to the Word of the Lord.
He lived a life of justice and righteousness.
His sons turned away from the Lord.
They made neighbors serve them without wages,
and built themselves a great house 
with spacious upper rooms. 
Things don't go well for leaders
 that turn away from the Lord.
They only had hearts for dishonest gain, 
shedding innocent blood, 
and for practicing oppression and violence.

Oh Lord, in these days in America,
I pray for our leaders.
May they repent 
and turn back to you, Oh Lord.
May they have mercy and compassion.
May they speak with kindness
 and only to build up others.
Oh, Lord, have mercy.

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