Saturday, November 26, 2016

Here and About- The Iron Grate- Fenton, Michigan

The day after Thanksgiving
and a trip to Fenton, Michigan.
Small town anytime-
 over a crowded shopping mall.
 Just strolling through town with hubby,
 two daughters, two sons-in-law, and two strollers.
Chilly and misty Friday morning.
 And then the good fortune stumble
 onto The Iron Grate.
 A feast for the eye and all the senses.
 The scents gather you in 
as soon as you step inside.
One son-in-law said quickly- 
"this is how I want my home to smell."
 Everywhere you look 
is a delightful collection of antiques,
 vintage reproductions and assorted gift items.
An attention to details.
Home decor.
Nothing feels small-town in this space.
It is like stepping into an European emporium 
as soon as you close the door.
 Drawers and niches.
Neutral tones that become rich
 in the presentation.
 Christmas preparations
 have certainly arrived.
 As I placed my small treasures
 on the counter to purchase
 I had to give kudos to the hostesses in house.
I believe there are 
some talented owners here.
As I finished setting my items
 to purchase on the counter, the hostesses said-
"Do you know we have an upstairs?"
It didn't take long for the women
 in our group
 to ooh and ahh over the 
unique baby and children's gifts.

 I have to set notes on my 
vintage typewriters at home.
 The entire shop is filled with 
interesting lamps and lighting.
 Mercury glass.
 Gifts galore for shopping for the person who
 has "everything," 
or to pamper a special loved one.
And for the love of all things PAPER.
An interesting display on a door 
hung from the ceiling as a table.
Bedding for the discerning customer.
Vignettes and tablescapes galore.

Monochromatic mastery.

And chatting as I tarried to leave-
 a bit of the story:

Sisters, Kirsty and Tara, along with their mother,
 Londoner Elizabeth Dickens, 
who brought this store to life 37 years ago,
 welcome all to 103 W. Shiawassee Ave.
Mom is a former art educator,
 and utilized her love of beautiful things
and creative display.
I shared that I would tell others
 about this gem of a store.
And a glimpse in the window
at the crinkled paper garland
with a sigh as we leave.
Just checking with a glance around-
 that we really had not been transported far away. 
Yes, magical does exist
 in downtown Fenton, Michigan.

And here is their website:
The Iron Grate

And Facebook:

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  1. This store looks amazing!! I am sure you found Christmas treasures!!


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