Sunday, November 6, 2016

Here and About- Old Salem, North Carolina

 Old Salem, Virginia
stopped by last Sunday 
on the way home from a ministry visit.
Arrived 4:25- Everything closed at 4:30.
The whole town was getting ready 
for the children to come to the town center 
for a Halloween party.
 So we walked around a bit.
And decided we will have to come back.
 This area has reenactments
 much like Colonial Williamsburg.

 A beautiful Fall day.
We strolled through another cemetery.
Segregated graves- 
historically burials in Old Salem
 were organized by "choir groups" 
within the church congregation.
Even today local Moravian members 
are buried by gender rather than family units.

Hope and promise on the entry arches. 
 Salem College-has been around awhile.
It is one of the oldest educational institutions 
for women in the United states
 Not very many girls only schools left.
 A glimpse of time from the past.
A Moravian Community 
was established here.
They came down from 
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
They are still an active congregation today.
Think we will have to come back 
and tour this amazing spot of history.

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