Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas 3- God Incarnate

 Bible Marginalia series #228
Feast of St. John
John 1:1-16 
Incarnate, Incarnation-
a deity embodied in human form- 
in the flesh
to bring forth, beget, 
denotes the physical reaction
 of either parent to a child,
used especially  of God's act
 in making Christ His Son.

Two words that hold the center of Christmas-
Begotten and Incarnate.
The Word Made Flesh.
For God so LOVED the WORLD, 
that He GAVE His only begotten Son.
I love thinking about this-
and the wonder of it all.
By faith, and the gift of grace,
we too have seen Christ face to face.
In the very full margins of John 1-
a tip-in card works well. 

Old Christmas cards collaged for the image
Washi tape
Fine-point Sharpie pen

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