Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas 9- Eyes of Faith

Bible Marginalia Series-#234
Hebrews 11:1
Eyes of Faith
Just gotta have faith.
Sometimes we have certainty 
because we can see and know things.
Sometimes we just have to trust-
 and live in that peace, 
even when we can't see around 
the next bend in the road, 
or even the next step ahead.
Looking for evidence,
the proven,
the acknowledged, 
and the "sure thing."

Simeon got to be the witness
 for the promise fulfilled.
 The hope for things to come,
and the new day dawning.
Oh, this faith thing is a gift.
Kind of goes against our old human nature.
But, it does give substance to our lives,
and eyes to "see" the unseen.

Christmas card
Washi tape
Illustrated Faith die-cuts,
Colored pencils
Fine-oint Sharpie pen
Bible Verse stamp

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